The Defence Intelligence College (DIC) was established as the training arm of the Defence Intelligence Agency (DIA) in 2001. The College was created to implement DIA's training policies, serve as the agency's primary instrument for skill acquisition and manpower development and also conduct research in areas of interest to the agency.

At inception, the College was located at a temporary site within the Headquarters of the DIA, then at Bonny Camp, Lagos. This served as a temporary site for about 4 years, while development at the permanent site was ongoing in Abuja. The school relocated to its present location at Karu-Abuja in October 2005. The College is headed by the Commandant and is assisted by the Deputy Commandant.

The Defence Intelligence College is organised into 3 branches, namely; Training, Administration, and Logistics. Each branch is headed by a Principal Staff Officer (PSO). The Training Branch, being the hub of the College’s training activities, is divided into a Center and 6 Departments. The Center is headed by a Director, while the departments are each headed by a Chief Instructor (CI).

The Center and Departments are:

1. Center for Strategic Studies.

2. Department of Professional Studies.

3. Department of Counter Intelligence.

4. Department of Technical Studies.

5. Department of General Studies.

6. Joint Military Attache'/ Adviser Programme (JMAP).

7. Department of Language Studies .