The Basic Intelligence Officers’ Course (BIOC) is a 4 month course designed for the Agency’s staff on Grade Level 8 and its equivalent ranks in other paralstatas.  It is the first course in the career of newly employed officers of the Agency.  It is aimed at providing the necessary foundation on which young officers could build on in the course of their career.  It is expected that at the end of the course, participants should be able to master basic intelligence and security functions, demonstrate correct attitude and moral principles in the conduct of intelligence and security operations and write/compile routine intelligence reports.


The BIOC is designed to achieve the following:

  1. Introduce students to elementary theory and basic practices in intelligence and security.
  2. Provide the required foundation for subsequent professional training in the field of intelligence and security.
  3. Provide basic regimentation.
  4. Provide students with correct orientation, attitude and develop in them attributes required for a fulfilling career in the Agency.