The National Security Training (NSTS) Seminar is a 3-week programme designed to educate and improve the participants’ understanding and processes of national security concepts; deepen participants understanding of current national, regional and international security issues; increase capacity for innovative planning and implementation of policy in response to national security problems as well as to improve decision making skills.

The learning programme is conducted by the DIC, in conjunction with Galilee International Management Institute (GIMI), Israel. The modules are organised around application of resources in peace and war, in order to strengthen National Security. Lectures are given by international renowned Israeli academic and security experts as well as their Nigerian counterparts. The programme is also supplemented by case study analysis, focusing on Nigerian and Israeli experiences; group discussions/group work; simulations and study tour.

The study tour is to expose participants to the working mechanisms of the organisation visited and their impact to National Security. Recent modification of the curriculum with effect from September 2016, sees participants receiving 1-week of training at the DIC, Nigeria while the remaining 2 weeks of training will be conducted at the GIMI Israel. It is therefore required that prospective subscribers would need to indicate their intentions and start preparing with the College at least 3 months to the commencement of the programme to allow seamless visa procurement and other preparations.