The Psychological Operation (PSYOPS) Course is one of the specialized courses run by the College.  It is an 8-week course for officers in the Defence and Security Sector. The course introduces participants to the nature of PSYOPS and its place in the conflict spectrum.  It covers elements of PSYOPS in peace and war times.


The PSYOPS course is designed to achieve the following:

  1. Inculcate in participants basic principles of PSYOPS.
  2. Acquaint participants with knowledge of PSYOPS concepts and their operationalization.
  3. Apply PSYOPS in all phases of military operations, including Joint Task Force (JTF) operation.
  4. Develop understanding and capacity for inter-agency coordination in PSYOPS.
  5. Develop suitable propaganda in support of various missions and objectives.
  6. Recognize and understand all techniques of counter propaganda and psychological actions.
  7. Conduct Basic and Special PSYOPS studies of countries and issues.
  8. Understand the organizational concept of PSYOPS.
  9. Coordinate team efforts during PSYOPS activities.